Car rental software - A Complete Solution

Designing and developing a serious car rental solution it is at least a very demanding task. Designing and developing a tool like Carhire Manager Web was not just demanding it was a big challenge. It is not just a matter of thousands of man hours needed to produce the million lines of source code. If you are writing source code and want to be innovative then it’s challenging. If you are dealing with state of the art technology then it is actually more than challenging. It is really tough business. My deep respect to my developer team for the outstanding outcome of their really tough job.

First of all, a car rental software must be easy to use and cost effective. Due to the big need of mobility in a car rental business, a car rental system must be accessible from any web enabled device. A car rental software has to be “The Tool” for managing customer service, bookings, fleet, employee performance, financial, distribution partners, online and XML reservations. Any proper car rental software solution has to be a complete solution that keeps every aspect of a car rental business connected and under control.

There is a quite big range of car rental software products currently in the market. The approach, the coverage and the price may vary between different products.

Carhire Manager Web is not simply just another car rental software. It is a – no nonsense - complete solution – a web based solution - for any size of a company in the car rental industry.

In order to give you a chance to realize the size and the coverage of Carhire Manager Web I have decided to provide the Features Matrix below. You may also find this matrix in the product page

Carhire Manager Web Features Matrix

Function Description
Authantication Forms Authentication
Windows Authentication
Access Restriction User Rights Wizard
I.P. access restriction
Auto Lock of account in case of 3 failed logins
Transaction Logs /Tracking Central log file
Object History.
Back Office Functionality
User Inteface Intuitive user inteface
Facebook like Live Messaging System
Live Dashboards Operation Dashboard with drill down analysis
Manager Dashboard with drill down analysis
Days monitoring
Fleet Management Vehicle details
Vehicle lists
Vehicle Images
Vehicle Documents
Vehicle reminders
Fleet Chart per vehicle category
Damage report
Service Cards
Service reports
Vehicle transfers
Accident reports
Equipment Equipment Inventory
Equipment categories
Equipment chart
Vehicle Tracking Live Vehicle Tracking
Interfaced with Google Maps
Route Playback.
Device list
Command center
Agents Agent details
Agent history
Agent overall report
Commissions report
Agent summary invoicing
Agent documents
Agent targets
Agents portal
A powerful rate engine Excel like User interface
Multiple rates per agent/Multiple agents per rate
Rates based on rental date & reservation date
Export to Excel & Import from Excel
Early Birds
Flexible rates / Special Offers
Clients Client Details
Client List
Client history
Client Statistics
Client payments
Client statement of account
Quotation Quick quotation
Send quotation by email / SMS
Convert quotation to reservation
Convert quotation to agreement
Reservation Quick reservation & normal reservation
Send confirmation
User Notification by email / SMS
Reservation reports
Visual presentation on a fleet chart
Manual allocation of vehicles
Auto allocation & optimization
Check out Days Monitoring with all details of deliveries
Prepare Vehicle
Initiate Agreement
Scan of driving Licence or Id for client details
Innovative client search function
Mobile interface checkout
Customized Rental Agreement
Vehicle condition (damages)
Fuel Options
Equipment check out
Amend booking
Add extra charges & invoice
Check In Check in from fleet chart & day’s monitoring
Check In form
Quick Check In with QR reader
Mobile interface check in
Refunds & credit notes
Equipment check in
Vehicle condition (damages)
Issue Damage invoice
Long term rental- Leasing Master Agreements
Leasing – Long term rentals
Clients Summary Invoicing
Leasing history
Cashbook Daily cashbook per branch
Automatically updated
Daily cash reports
Day closing
Cash Entries
Availability Quick group availability
Monthly availability
Daily availability
Group Availability reports
Forecasting Forecast of bookings for a specific period
Forecast daily reservations
Reporting / Statistics Using Crystal Reports Engine
Financial reports
Agent reports
Performance reports
Revenue Analysis reports
Fleet Reports
Reservation reports
Agreement reports
Clients reports
Website/E-Shop Functionality
On- line bookings Customized Layout of website
On line bookings for internet visitors
Login for internet visitors
Sign up on News Letters.
CRM functionality
SMS & Emails Send emails to Clients
Send SMS to Clients
Send SMS or email with offers
Create “live” mailing lists
Express CheckOut Express Check Out link with confirmation
Express Checkout Form
Client details Client history
Client statistics
Client birthday reports / reminders
Evaluations Submit evaluations
Evaluation Summary
Compalints Complain follow up system
Complaint related document archiving
XML interface
SOAP XML Web Service XML interface with major car rental brokers like Cartrawler, TravelJigsaw , Carjet , MicroNexus , AutoEurope e.t.c.
Group Availability & rates
Insert reservation
Update a reservation
Cancel reservation
Stop sales
Can be used to connect with any broker / agent
Can be used to connect additional websites.
Setup Options setup form
Create user roles
Adding / deleting user & user rights
Ad hoc queries Ad-Hoc Queries Tool
Instant Ad-Hoc queries
Save & Print tabular reports
Admin Ticket system Ticket system for correcting transactions
Export Export data

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