Carhire Manager Web Description

Introducing Carhire Manager Web

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1. Carhire Manager Web - A state of the art car rental software

Carhire Manager Web is a state of the art, innovative, web based car rental software that maybe be used from car rental business of any size.
By utilizing the latest technologies available we managed to combine the enormous functionality of the car hire system together with performance and beauty through an outstanding user interface, making Carhire Manager Web very user friendly.

The car hire system includes the following integrated components

  • Back office with vast functionality
  • Multiple integrated websites than can be customized through the back office admin menu. I-frame, deep links and even SEO capability
  • CRM functionality (Client History / statistics / Newsletters/ SMS, emails, complaint follow up system, evaluations, graphs e.t.c)
  • XML interface for connecting with partners or car rental brokers (Already connected with TravelJigsaw, Cartrawler, MicroNexus, CarJet, Skyscanner, AutoEurope, Economy and many more)
  • Agent Portal (for smaller agents so they can submit their bookings directly into the system)
  • Mobile Interface (deliveries, collections, days monitoring, reservations entry etc
  • Online Vehicle tracking though Google Maps interface
  • Generic Accounting Interface

Car Rental Software Online-Reservation System-Vehicle Rental system
2. Car Hire Manager Web Technology / Methods

Car Hire Manager Web is a 100% web based car hire system application. It can be run through an internet browser, either locally or via the web. Our car rental software may run from any web enabled device, desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart phone.

Data is stored either in a local environment or in a cloud database to keep everything safe and secure..

Car Hire Manager Web has got a very elegant UI, which is much similar to the Windows desktop even though Car Hire Manager Web Web is a fully web based application.

3. Operating Environment

Car Hire Manager Web is installed on a web server. The Web server must have access to the database server where the Oracle database resides. Carhire Manager Web uses a so-called Oracle A.S.F.U. processor license which is included in the software package. The Back office of the car hire system can be accessed either through the web or through a VPN network. The website must be accessible to the public on the Web.

Carhire Manager Web Operating Environment
4. Back Office

Back office is the part of the car hire system where common users are doing the daily work such as the registration of reservations, rental contracts, payments, registration of maintenance tasks on cars, registration of traffic fines, invoicing to agents, reporting etc. Our car hire software offers a large amount of features that cover all car rental business processes from customer inquiries and quotations until the collection of the car.

Carhire Manager Web Back Office

The first thing you notice when you enter the back office is the user interface. There are dashboards with "drill-down" capabilities for users and for managers, functions for today's tasks, Days Monitoring panel and even an individual user dashboard for reminders to each user. In addition, the system gives automatic reminders for a number of tasks like car service, oil change, MOT, etc. All of these, are a variety of tools that our car hire system uses to meet the requirements of daily work.

The graphical presentation of cars and reservations (Fleet chart) allows the user to read the current situation very quickly and assess the availability of vehicles for the coming days. By using the fleet chart, the user can optimize the fleet very easily. The system graphically presents also the availability of other equipment such as GPS, child seats, etc.

Carhire Manager Web Back Office

Carhire Manager Web is already using a lot of automations and is continuously enhanced with more automation under the ongoing development of the software. Just to mention one example, the car hire system can scan a driver's license s and automatically fill in the client details in customer form. Another example is the automatic allocation of cars to bookings that may be performed through the fleet chart.

It also has all the necessary functions for system administration. The administrator of the car rental software can, for example, add users and user groups in the system or define a variety of different system parameters. The administrator of the system can also use the function "Adhoc queries" in order to design instantly ad hoc reports as needed.

Carhire Manager Web Back Office
5. Websites

Web visitors can book their rentals through the website and pay online with a credit card. The system can be integrated with any "Payment Gateway" provided that there is access to the gateway's API. To be able to make online payments it is required to have SSL certificates. Any bookings coming in through the website are instantly visible and available to back office users.

Carhire Manager Web allows the user to build multiple websites integrated to the car hire system with multi language support. The number of websites depends only on the number of domain names available. A website consists of an empty frame that contains the system's booking engine, which controls the booking process. With the exception of the booking engine, anything else can be adjusted as desired. Users can use the HTML editor in the back office to write their own HTML code and create their own pages as well as adding graphics and creating layouts.

The system allows you also to add keywords, meta tags and other SEO related staff in order to optimize the website for search engines through a separate SEO menu.

Additionally the car hire system has the capability of providing i-frames code to agents so that they can easily insert the block of code in their existing websites and connect to Carhire Manager Web booking engine. Moreover there is a possibility of providing deep links to the website in combination with the XML interface.

Car Rental Software, Online Reservation System,  car hire software
6. CRM

CRM functionality is spread and well integrated in the car hire system. One can easily view customer history and statistics, and may send out evaluation forms to clients to make analyzes or even send SMS to customers and make e-mail campaign. Additionally there is the opportunity to follow up any complaints coming in from customers.

Sending SMS is possible by using a third party web service provided by Clickatell ( which means that you can buy optional SMS package directly from Clickatell.

7. Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle tracking is a comprehensive module in our car rental software that contains all the necessary features to track cars online but it is also possible to run a playback i.e. check afterwards a driving route at a given time. The system uses the Google Maps API.

One can create a so-called "Geo-fence" and let the system send warning message (email or SMS) when exceeding a geo-fence. Additionally, there is the possibility to let the system send warning messages when exceeding a certain speed. The system also provides the ability for users to place on the map any number of POI (Points of Interest) for example, hotels, airports, train stations etc. In order to use the tracking system, it is required to purchase and install special vehicle tracking devices. Carhire Manager Web has integrated Bofan products and more specifically model PT502 but integration with other devices is possible if necessary.

8. Mobile Interface

Even though the car hire system’s UI is doing very well in the most devices, desktop, laptop, tablet, smart phone, etc, Carhire Manager Web contains a module that is particularly adapted to mobile users. The module contains the main functions for checkout and check in that takes place outside the office, for example, in a hotel.

Automation is quite important here, too, one can e.g. read a contract via a QR code reader on a smart phone and get all the details on booking. In the same way one can read QR code on the car window and initiate the check in process, i.e. collection of the car. The rental agreement may be printed using a mobile printer.

9. XML Interface

Car Hire Manager Web can communicate with the outside world i.e. with other software via an XML interface that is a SOAP-based Web service. The XML interface is built according O.T.A. standards (OpenTravel Alliance).

Through the XML interface, other applications can retrieve data from Carhire Manager Web or insert reservations in the system automatically. The XML interface can be used by agents and or business partners, to send their reservations directly. A number of really great car hire brokers on the Web, for example, CarTrawler, TravelJigsaw, Skyscanner, Carjet, Micro Nexus, Auto Europe, Economy, Titanium Systems etc. have already integrated their systems with Carhire Manager Web and send their bookings automatically.

Via XML interface it is possible to connect any existing websites so that bookings made can automatically fall directly into Carhire Manager Web.

10. Agent Portal

The Agent Portal is a module in the car hire system which is used by smaller agents in order to manually enter their bookings directly into Carhire Manager Web. Agents will be provided with login credentials and they can only have access to their own bookings.

11. Accounting Interface
Carhire Manager Web has a generic, not software specific, XML based accounting interface. The interface is based on a web service that any accounting software package may call in order to get data from our car rental software.
12. Security and Privacy

Besides the usual access controls that is, user ID, password and user groups, etc. there is also a central log where all operations inside the system are recorded. Many items, such as reservations, vehicles, cash book, etc. have their own history where you can see every single activity that is relative for them.

Moreover there is a function where you can put restrictions on access, thereby allowing access only from specific IP addresses. Additionally, after a period of inactivity in the system, the screen locks automatically and requires the users to re-enter their password.

Any credit card related information is encrypted with 64 bit encryption. Encryptions are also used for other reasons in a variety of locations in the system.

13. Integration with third party products
Carhire Manager Web is integrated with or uses the following third party products:
14. Summary

In a complex business environment like car rental business it is absolutely necessary to use a tool that will simplify the overall processes and make the every day tasks much easier. It requires a car hire system that is easy to use and is cost effective at the same time, pleasant to work with and fully capable and complete when it comes to functionality. No doubt about it, this system is Carhire Manager Web.

Under the hood of the car rental software

Request Quote for Car Rental Software Car Rental Software Online-Rent a Car Reservation System-Vehicle Rental Program   Car Rental Software Online-Rent a Car Reservation System-Vehicle Rental Program

Carhire Manager Web uses the latest technologies in the field. The heart that drives Carhire Manager Web is ASP.NET, framework 4. The software is written in a combination of programming languages, such as C#, HTML, Javascript, JQuery and it also utilises AJAX and JSON technologies. The software is easily configured to run on Windows Server through the Internet Information Services (IIS). The database engine of Carhire Manager is the powerful Oracle Database which can be configured to run on your servers.

Car Rental Software Online-Rent a Car Reservation System-Vehicle Rental Program

An important feature of Carhire Manager Web is the ability for your agents to communicate and send their data to your car hire system. Carhire Manager Web handles such data requests with its XML interface which is using the SOAP Protocol, meaning that you don’t have to worry about differences in software technologies between you and your agents. In other words, your agents can send their reservations (and other forms of data) from their own software and Carhire Manager Web will receive and automatically save them in your car hire system without any manual handling by you.

Finally, Carhire Manager Web uses the powerful reporting tools Crystal Reports, which is a completely web-based solution (installed on the IIS server) to present and analyse data in a professional look. Crystal Reports enables the user to export reports from the system to PDF, Excel and Word formats. The user has also the possibility to send reports to another user via email.

What it means for you

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Being a fully web based car rental software means that you and your employees can run the system from any computer or workstation without requirements and installation. All you need is an internet browser and an internet connection! All major browsers are supported such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera.

This setup can be easily applied to a multitude of working scenarios when for example your employees have access from their working environments in the office, or even for remote users, employees which are on working environments outside the office.

Carhire Manager Web also provides a high-level of security with the possibility to strictly allow user access only from specified IP addresses. This means that only certified personnel can enter the system from the list of allowed computers or workstations. Moreover the built-in mechanism for user rights access provides an additional level of security to ensure access to the car hire system only by authorized users.

Finally, for an even more secure working environment you can even setup the car hire system to run entirely in your local area network, without worrying about external interferences.

Structure of the car rental system

The system includes the following integrated components:

  • Back Office
  • Website
  • Agent Portal
  • Mobile Inteface
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • CRM functionality
  • XML interface

Workflow schema for Carhire Manager Web

Car Rental Software Online-Reservation System-Vehicle Rental system

Workflow schema for Website Module

Car Rental Software, Online Reservation System,  car hire software

Features of Carhire Manager Web

Request Quote for Car Rental Software Car Rental Software Online-Rent a Car Reservation System-Vehicle Rental Program   Car Rental Software Online-Rent a Car Reservation System-Vehicle Rental Program

Carhire Manager Web is an easy to use web based car hire system a complete package for car rentals. It is built from the ground-up (based on our experience for more than 20 years on the field of carhire). It consists of a number ofintegrated parts, all in one package:

1) A front-end web application available to all internet visitors (website)
Clients can:
  • Get instant car hire availability and quotation by searching desired dates for pick-up and drop-off vehicle locations
  • Use the search engine to find their desired vehicle
  • Sign-up to the application’s newsletter system
  • Send an instant message to the company
  • Login and maintain their account details, browse through their reservations and handle reservation check-ins.
  • Pay directly for their bookings with the online payment system (E-Shop & Shopping Cart)
  • Do Express check-out
  • Submit complaints and evaluation

Administrator Functions
  • Customise the look and feel of every page in the front-end application through the built-in HTML editor
  • Change language settings
2) A back-end tool (back-office) available to company users

Manage all your company’s content with the back-end application with features such as:

Fleet Management
  • Instant vehicle allocation by using the Fleet Chart: The Fleet Chart (see picture below) is a powerful tool to visualise all your reservations via an editable timeline. You can also drag and drop unallocated reservations to allocate them with vehicles directly from the Fleet Chart

Car Rental Software Online-Rent a Car Reservation System-Vehicle Rental Program

  • View the status of your vehicles’ equipment with the Equipment Chart
  • CRUD (Create, Update, Delete) operations on your fleet, vehicle models and groups, stations, pick-up and drop-off locations, equipment and many more
  • Open vehicle service cards and send work orders to your vendors
  • Verify vendors’ invoices against work orders

Rate System
  • CRUD operations on agents
  • Sophisticated rate system
  • A rate can be applied to multiple agents

Daily Operations
  • Make quotations
  • Make reservations
  • Register your clients by scanning their Driving License, ID or Passport in 10 seconds by using specific equipment (on additional cost)
  • Create agreements and extensions
  • Make vehicle transfers and replacements
  • Long term rentals
  • Sub-rentals

  • Track your daily transactions with the Cashbook module
  • Track agents’ commissions
  • Revenue Analysis
  • Automatically generate invoices for your clients and collaborators
  • Agents performance
  • Vehicle performance

  • Check the daily delivery and collection status of your fleet with the Day’s Monitoring tool
  • Manage your fleet with the Monthly and Daily Availability tools – Instantly view and track the monthly (or daily) availability of your entire fleet or specific group of vehicles as well as view the number of collections, deliveries, agreements and reservations for the entire monthly (or daily) timeline

Management Tools
  • Live Management Dashboard with adjustable refresh time
  • Track the progress of your reservations, pending deliveries, agreements, complaints, income and fleet all live in your screen without the need to update your browser manually
  • Hover on each item in the Management Dashboard and get drill down analysis

Car Rental Software Online-Rent a Car Reservation System-Vehicle Rental Program

  • Powerful reporting tools providing comprehensive and professionally looking reports
  • View reservations, agreement and fleet related reports as well as specialized financial reports, agent and staff commissions and also auditing reports

  • Use our forecasting tools to estimate the number of bookings or agreements using regression methods based on the historical trend of your data. There are multiple methods to choose from: Linear, Exponential, Polynomial and Power regression.
  • Forecast the daily reservations for the month based on the estimated number of bookings, the average booking flow and distribution model of previous months or past years.

Administration Tools
  • Administrate various web application options such as issuing tickets for maintenance, managing users, executing Ad Hoc queries and more (administrator tasks)
  • Access rights: Users have different levels of access throughout the system

User Interface
  • Maximise your working area by handling the top and side menus within your browser
  • Choose your department’s vehicle station upon login
  • Quick Vehicle Search: Quickly find a vehicle’s status from your fleet (rented, out of fleet, out of order)
  • Quick access toolbar for the most common functions
  • View logged in users
  • Internal chat system between employees while they are online
3) CRM marketing tools (embedded in the back-end)

Make strategic decisions about your next move with the built-in CRM tools of Carhire Manager Web:

  • Setup and send out:
    • 1) Newsletters via email
    • 2) SMS messages
  • Create mailing lists based on certain search criteria
  • Visualise and make your next marketing decision using the built-in charts
  • Send questionnaires to clients
  • Receive evaluation results
  • Summarise evaluation results
  • Track your clients complaints and follow up each incident
  • Statistical analysis of complaints
4) An XML interface (embedded in the back-end), with the ability to receive data from agents automatically

Maximise your workflow between you and your collaborators with the XML interface (which uses the internet standard SOAP Protocol):

Your collaborators can:
  • Automatically send, view, cancel or update their reservations from their own software
  • Check your equipment availability
  • Get a list of your vehicle groups
  • Get a list of your vehicle pick-up and drop-off locations
  • Get your rates availability for a specific period
  • Check your stop sales
5) Carhire Manager Web for Mobile Devices

Carhire Manager Web features a mobile device interface for your employees that work outside the office and are in need to use the most common functionality of the car rental system, such as:

Mobile Check-In
  • Check-In a returning vehicle using QR codes or by manually entering the vehicle registration number
  • Input and review vehicle damages
  • Check-In vehicle equipment such as GPS, baby seats, etc...

Data browsing
  • View booking and agreement details
  • View client information
  • View agent information
  • View vehicle information

The software may be installed on your own web server or on the cloud.
You may find below the options available for using our car rental software.

  • •Full User Licence
  • •Module Based User License
  • •Monthly Rental (available only for small companies).

Carhire Manager Web is a state-of-the-art software tool that enables car rental operators to maximise profitability in business. In addition, it is a car hire software that is currently being used efficiently and effectively by companies of any size and will be used for years to come. Moreover, Carhire Manager Web is:

  • • A complete and fully web based car rental system that works from every web enabled device.
  • An integrated system which includes all necessary modules for a modern car rental company (Backoffice, Multiple integrated websites, I-frames, Mobile interface, XML interface, REST-API, Vehicle tracking, Accounting Interface).
  • • A system where you may add any number of integrated websites.
  • • A system which allows you to have any number of XML connections without an additional fee.
  • • A software that comes with great customer support.
  • A constantly evolving car rental software that will boost your business

Product technologies:

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