Car Rental Software for the Web | Windows Server | IIS | ASP.NET framework 4 | C# | HTML | JQuery | AJAX | JSON | XML Soap Interface | Oracle Database | Supports all major browsers

  • Back Office

    Make quotations, reservations, agreements and extensions, vehicle transfers and replacements, leasing, reporting...  Car Rental Software Online-Rent a Car Reservation System-Vehicle Rental Program

  • Multiple Websites

    Carhire Manager Web allows the user to build multiple websites integrated to the car hire system with multi language support...  Car Rental Software Online-Rent a Car Reservation System-Vehicle Rental Program

  • CRM Module

    Setup and send out newsletters via email, sms messages, create mailing lists, use the visualisation tools and make your next decision...  Car Rental Software Online-Rent a Car Reservation System-Vehicle Rental Program

Welcome to Carhire Manager Web

Carhire Manager Web is a professional, 100% web solution for car rental companies, a system that you may run from any web enabled device from your internet browser. You may install the software on your own servers or even use the Cloud.
The software includes the following components:

  • • Backoffice with vast functionality (hourly rentals, short term rentals, long term rentals, driver / limo service, client transfers).
  • • Multiple integrated websites (any number) with multi-language capability - first website included.
  • • I - frames and deep links capability to connect with partners.
  • • CRM functionality (client history / statistics, send newsletters, send SMS, complaint follow up system, evaluations, graphs etc. ).
  • • XML interface for connecting with partners / agents / brokers (SOAP & REST based XML).
  • • Agent portal
  • • Mobile interface
  • • Online vehicle tracking
  • • Generic XML based accounting interface

The ultimate car rental software

What is Carhire Manager Web?It is a fully web based, state-of-the-art car rental software. The system is a .NET web application with Oracle database technology that enables car rental operators to maximise profitability in their activities. Carhire Manager Web is a tool that will be used efficiently and effectively by any car rental company portfolio of any size for the next 20 years.

Carhire Manager Web - The ultimate car rental software

Carhire Manager Web uses the latest software technologies in the field. The heart that drives the car hire system is ASP.NET, framework 4. The software is written in a combination of programming languages, such as C#, HTML, Javascript, JQuery and it also utilises AJAX and JSON technologies. Carhire manager web is easily configured to run on Windows Server through the Internet Information Services (IIS). The database engine of Carhire Manager Web's system is based on Oracle Database.

Finally, Carhire Manager Web uses the powerful reporting tools Crystal Reports, which is a completely web-based solution (installed on the IIS server) to present and analyse data in a professional look. Crystal Reports enables the user to export reports in PDF, Excel and Word formats. The user has also the possibility to send reports to another user via email.

Being a fully web based car rental software means that you and your employees in the car rental business can run it from any computer or workstation without requirements and installation. All you need is an internet browser and an internet connection! car rental software online - Rent a car reservation system - vehicle rental program

Car hire System for the Web

XML Interface

Maximize your workflow with the XML Interface! Your agents can use their own software to send their reservations to you...  Car Rental Software Online-Rent a Car Reservation System-Vehicle Rental Program

Currently interfaced through XML:

Online Vehicle Tracking

Track your vehicles online in real time from anywhere in the world. Speed limit alerts, Geo fence alerts, detailed driving reports, SMS to drivers and much more. ...  Car Rental Software Online-Rent a Car Reservation System-Vehicle Rental Program

Product technologies:

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