Carhire Manager Web Reviews

Very friendly to use, it has all necessary functions for the Car Rental Business, the continually update of the software with more functions every time, paperless procedure of the Rental Agreement, XML Interface with every broker that exists, Excellent Backoffice facilities, Agent portal, Integrated Web page, A complete Fleet Management system being a part of the Backoffice.

I was working in Avis Cyprus for 6 years and now I am a Manager in AERCAR Rentals for the last 2 years. Using the same software for all these years I can assure you that is efficient, reliable and covers any needs you may have as a Rental car Business.

Alkis Charalambous
Director, Head of Business Development

We have been using CARHIRE MANAGER WEB by DATALOGIC for a year now and we haven't had a single problem. Let me stress this point, we have not had any problems.

The whole system is on an extraordinary level with a very attractive and user friendly interface and extremely well implemented. We have used similar products from other suppliers in the past and we experienced problems, either due to unclear instructions or difficult and confusing interfaces.

CARHIRE MANAGER WEB by DATALOGIC is extremely easy to use as they have taken a very complex and powerful tool and made it so simple yet so elegant. The simplistic look and feel of this product is mind blowing! I can honestly say that Datalogic is one of the few suppliers who are always willing to offer an outstanding support when needed! CARHIRE MANAGER WEB is not only an example of a great management software but of a great network as well.

We highly recommend CARHIRE MANAGER WEB by DATALOGIC as it helps us to manage our fleet and set future targets.

Charalambos Touloupos
Assistant Manager
Elephant Rent a Car LTD

We are Budget Representative in Egypt so it was very important for us to select a powerful system to deal with our bookings and Fleet Management and in the true it was an adventure for us to choose Carhire Web Manager Application but with time it's very clear that our choice was gorgeous.

1st As I'm working in IT so I was more focusing in technical details so the structure of programming language and design of DB is very impressive and and giving you the facility and flexibility to make the updates and adding new features and to find availability for any updates to match your needs, according the using of this technologies so you will see how much it's easier for data integration.

2nd GUI and interface are very nice , interactive , smoothly and easily for use and the idea that it's web apps it's more than a perfect so it's making processing and accessing the application very fast beside the availability to access the app from any device or platform just you need Internet to do everything you imagine,

3rd As Functionality I am really very happy with the way this system is covering all levels of this business and very understanding for the needs of Fleet management and online Booking services for renting vehicles and now they have very strong module to deal with Transfer Clients so we are very happy that Carhire Web Manager is covering all our business needs and giving us so many of reports which giving you in detail everything you want to know about your Fleet Management, Booking System, Financial Management, Maintenance and Services Management.

At last the most important part of Carhire Manager Web is the Development and Support team. They are very helpful, supporting you with all your needs, fixing all issues you could face, upgrading the system and always adding new features and truly I could say that I've learnt so many things related to business from the Carhire Manager Web team because my experience is mainly focused in IT. Big thanks to the team and let us hope that we will continue to enjoy the same level of services and the same great support as we have now.

Khaled Barakat
IT Department
Budget Egypt

Carhire Manager Web is for our company a great tool, keeps track of all the cars, financial bookings, daily tasks, as well as the maintenance of the fleet.

We have been using it for more than four years and we are very happy with the features and the development. A user-friendly system where new users can learn very quickly! It covers major aspects of car rental business: Fleet management, Rate management, Long term, Short term, Chauffeur driver, Maintenance, Accounting Interface and many, many more.

It has a great Customer support. Very responsive, acts immediately in real time, answers your inquiries and resolves you problem as fast as it could.

Definitely this is the best software you can use for your business!

Andreea Simionescu
Sales Executive
Prestige Car Rentals

The Software is so friendly, you can’t go wrong or make any mistakes

I honestly can say that there isn’t anything I don’t like about it.

Using the car hire website improves customer service and makes the whole car hire process much faster and efficient.

Cathy A.
Station Manager
AERCAR Rentals

Its a software product that just seems to improve better and better with each update, reminders, symbols, alerts, feedback, direct contact with customers (SMS, E-mails) are but a few of the long list of handy products available making a company run as smooth as possible, thanks to the team behind Datalogic which always listens to their clients improving along with the different needs of each user making usage of this program simply the best!

Chrissie Michael
Sales Executive
Dionysos Rent a Car Ltd(LEOS)

We have been using Car Hire Manager Web for over 2 years now.

It is user friendly, has everything a Car hire company like ours requires to run effortlessly and sufficiently, from fleet control, accounting,vehicle maintenance to name but a few.

The friendliest staff who are always available to answer any queries and solve any issues we may have.

We do and shall recommend them to others.

It makes car hire much easier to operate.


Carhire Manager Web is a valuable tool for any car hire company. It is user friendly and offers a wide spectrum of functionality at all levels from customer service, to branch management, fleet management, reservation, capacity utilisation, financial management and reporting and administration. It is also a marketing tool as it offers connectivity with clients at both the individual level over websites or the business to business level over xml.

The software is versatile and has the capacity to adjust parameters to fit the purpose and scope of use. The supporting team is knowledgeable and supportive with problem solving service and development when needed.

The potential use and functionality is huge as its parametric character and web connectivity will allow it to develop into more tools for the car hire company in the near future such as mobile use at customer locations, remote parking lots, tracking and demanding fleet management requirements.

I strongly suggest its use as an important tool to car hire companies.

Constantinos Kontos
Managing Director

We are a company with 1000 cars in our fleet. 8 months ago we decided to use Carhire Manager Web. The experience was amazing. It's a very simple software with very user friendly screens. What's really important it's the ability of the system to manage everything from one screen.

This exists mainly in 3 major cases. The reservations procedure the fleet management and the daily monitoring of the cars at pick-up and drop-off.

The rates for the brokers now becomes a matter of minutes to manage them with the use of import/export feature that they have through excel. Also the brokers can directly send their bookings to the system using XML interface.

I can talk hours about the rest of the choices that I have with this perfect software but I will stop here by saving the best for last, the web page that is connected and manage from the same system and the online update within seconds so that everybody can book their car from our site.

Alkis Charalambous

Customers can book their cars from the web site and pay online in a very straight forward procedure, while all the booking details are immediately visible to us in the back office It covers major aspects of car rental business: Fleet management, Rate management, Long term, Short term, Chauffeur driver, Maintenance, Accounting Interface and many, many more that is easy in use. The friendliest staff who are always available to answer any queries and solve any issues we may have.

Anastasiya Yevdakimova
Ivory rent a car

We tried other products similar to Carhire Manager Web but we found this one well designed and simple to use. Great support team and very quick in solving small issues or adding new features requested. Regarding Cost , I would say that the management can offer you the plan that will suit your company best. We became for efficient and also saved money!!!

Andreas Argyri
Managing Director

In just over two decades of history marked with steady growth, Express Group has grown into one of the leading land transportation companies in Indonesia. We are now one of the largest taxi operators in Indonesia, providing taxi services as well as value added transportation business (VATB) services such as car and bus rental services in multiple cities.

Growth brought the need for a new Information System. We searched for the ultimate software solution that would accommodate the entirety of our operations and increase our efficiency. After prolonged research, Carhire Manager Web was the obvious winner.

Carhire Manager Web does not only accommodate our complex operational environment, but the Datalogic development team has also succeeded in integrating our very special needs into their system.

Another great virtue of being a Carhire Manager Web user is the great support and the fast response that the Datalogic Carhire team will never fail to give you.

We highly recommend this software to other car rental companies looking for ways to improve their operation.

Sang Udayana
Project Manager VATB and Bus Division Business unit
Express Group Indonesia

The ease of use and the user interface. It provides us with timely and accurate information that are an integral tool to managing our fleet of vehicles, and the customer base through very effective CRM tools and reporting.

I believe that the software system would benefit from a quicker input of the client information in order to improve the speed of completing an agreement.


Not that long ago, when we were just setting up our company, Ivory Rent a Car LTD, we realized that nowadays it is impossible for a car rental company to exist without an appropriate information system, without a complete car rental software. The technology provides us the means to become more efficient in order to organize the business successfully and meet the customers' needs effectively. We searched for the right tool but also the right vendor who would meet all our requirements and help us boost our business from the beginning. We found both.

Carhire Manager Web created by Datalogic Consultants is the ultimate car rental software solution that every serious player in the car hire business should have. It accommodates a professional tool with vast functionality inside, combined with simplicity and ease of use presented through an outstanding User Interface. Back office, CRM, mobile interface, a customizable web site, vehicle tracking, mobile interface , XML interface and more… everything a car rental company needs is there. Even though Carhire Manager Web has a huge functionality, the Datalogic team provided us with all the necessary training in order to use Carhire Manager Web effectively. We were up and running in no time.

Datalogic customized the very good looking website exactly the way we wanted, patiently making all the changes which we asked them to make. The best thing is that we can make any customizations we wish ourselves, through the sophisticated but easy to use back office. We can add our static pages, our images etc. Customers can book their cars from the web site and pay online in a very straight forward procedure, while all the booking details are immediately visible to us in the back office.

The back office allows us to control the whole business: making the reservations, agreements, controlling the car maintenance, contains all the information about the clients and our agents/partners and even accounting related stuff like cashbook, invoicing, payments, receipts, refunds etc. Furthermore, there is a great amount of reports for every part of the system. We can even do SEO for the website, advertisement and so on. When you get used to Carhire Manager Web, you will wonder how you could manage running the business without it.

However, the biggest advantage working with Datalogic is their full support - any problem you may have, you will definitely get help and at any time you want. Even though they have a really big number of clients, they will find time for you. The Datalogic team will not only provide you with a top level software support, but they will also help you with many other business related issues, using their very long experience in carhire.

If you are a pro seeking quality and reliability, if you believe that only the best is good enough and you are looking for a complete car rental software solution, then look no further, Carhire Manager Web and Datalogic is the best choice.

Dasha Temonenkova
Operations Manager
Ivory Rent a Car

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